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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Snow of the season

This is too much fun! This is our first autumn in Ogden, Utah. Yesterday the temperature was 85. Today it won't even reach 45...AND there's a possibility of snow tonight! I love it!
You know what else I love? Some of my neighbors actually beat me to the Halloween decorating! Yes! They beat Halloween Candy to the punch! SO now I have to get busy and show them what I've got...Moohooahhaahh ahh!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Midnight Mooing

Living in a semi rural area of northern Utah we pass a couple of farms everyday. They're just down the block from us and we often stop to talk to the cows, bulls and horses. Last night as I lay in bed with the window open, I could smell the hay ever so slightly on the cool breeze. What surprised me was that I could here the cows mooing! I've lived here for three months and have visited at all times of the year, but I've never heard our hoofed neighbors at night. I'm going to look for crop circles today. There could be, you don't know.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Color on the Mountain

Joe and I took a drive up into the Wasatch Mountains this morning. The fall colors are at their peak! Back in Maryland we wouldn't see these colors until late in October. This was taken on the old road to Snow Basin Ski Resort. The road is off limits between December and March. Did I mention fall is may favorite season? Uh huh.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Coupon Girl

Just got back from using my coupons at the craft stores and my treasures include various sizes of paper punches to use with shrink plastic, a variety pack of shrink plastic, some Halloween stamps and a fabulous book called "Mixed Media Mosaics: Techniques & Projects Using Polymer Clay Tiles, Beads & Other Embellishments" by Laurie Mika! It's way cool and gives me more ideas for Alexa Westerfield's Halloween challenge!

The Old Fake Boogar Trick

Another gorgeous morning in northern Utah! We bought some pizza pans last night. I was getting ready to wash them for use tonight, when I noticed they used that really sticky goop to adhere the paper to the pan. Now, this is something I've done many times, but it gets my husband every time! I carefully stretched the goop out and stuck it to my face just under my nose. Then I sat down beside him casually. Bless his heart, he said, so gentlemanly, "You..you have something..." as he touched his upper lip. I raised my eyebrows innocently. Then it hit him. The old fake booger trick! Aaah, it's too much fun to be immature when he least expects it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Autumn rocks! It just does. The colors are amazing. Before my husband and I moved to Utah, we used to drive from Maryland up to Hershey, PA, To find pumpkins, see the colors.
Fall is officially here now that I bought my first bag of candy corn. The smell of candy corn ushers in cool, crisp days and hot mulled cider nights.
Halloween is my favorite holiday! Sooo...I'm going to participate in Alexa Westerfield's Terrorific Tuesdays Challenge!
I need to get to work planning four Halloween projects for the challenge. Yes!