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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Calling All Girly Girls!

If you or someone you know is a Girly Girl, prepare to link up!  It's the Cool2Craft Linky Party and the theme is GIRLY GIRLS!  Post your links to our Linky Party on cool2craft.com and invite your friends to vote for you.  The more votes you have, the higher on the list your post is!  The future of Girly Girldom is in your hands!
Link up, my friends, link up!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Put a Robot on It

Further crown progress - I put a bird on it AND THEN I put a robot on it!  I'm adding all kinds of details now.  I love color and movement so there will be scads of dangling doodads!

Robots and Bloggers of the World Unite!

Stephanie of Clay Baboons is my hero!  Her latest post makes my little bloggy/roboty heart soar! I'm joining her cause to stop Captcha from stunting our joy of commenting on fabulous blogs!  Ugh!  Captcha has broken my spirit for the last time!  I'm shedding the pseudo protection of that acronym for a new empowering one - RABAC!
Rock on Stephanie!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cindy's Flamingos

My friend Cindy is such a nut (just like me)!  I got an email a couple weeks ago with this mesage "Hey guys...... guess what I just got in the mail............?  One dozen pink flamingos!!!!! I can hardly wait!!! as soon as we have another warm day, I am going to base coat them with primer and then paint them all different arty ways then..... decorate the Whole Yard!!!! giggle.... what fun!!!


Cindy and I have had many creative adventures and I know her to be an inspired artist with a joy for life and a passion for ferrets.  Yes, I said ferrets.  Cindy and her kids have a few ferrets that they've raised and several that they've rescued.  they take on caring for little guys that aren't adoptable for any number of reasons.  They train, calm and socialize wild ones; they nurse sick ones and comfort terminally sick guys a prepare them for the Rainbow Bridge.  Amazing folks.
Back to the flamingos!  Here are the Orange-Mingo and the You Can't See Me -Mingo.  So cute!

Thank you, dear friend, for all the long distant smiles!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crowning Progress

I'm working on a new crown for this year.  It's the year of harmony and robots and this crown will reflect that.
The frame of the crown is electrical wire.  I wrap the wire loosely around my head to measure the base.  You need a little extra room for the covering of the base, which in this case is strips of shrepa fleece from an old top. 
Before covering the base. construct the skeleton of shaped wire pieces - curly ques and arches, etc.  They are strung together with 24 gauge wire.  There's a lot of movement at this point.
I wrap the base with stretchy fabric.  This is the first part of the tightening up process.  I usually bead the fabric.
Next I wrap the whole crown with 24 gauge wire.  Now the frame is very sturdy.
Today I'm ready to start adding charms.  I made a singing bird bead from polymer clay.
I'm going to make a tiny robot with beads and there are lots of handmade beads that I'm compelled to add because they speak to my warped beingness.  Skulls with jeweled eyes, chocolates and such.  You'll see =0)
In the meantime, hop over to my page at cool2craft.com and see what we're up to!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Put a Bird on It!

I’m a Fred Armisen fan.  He’s a regular on Saturday Night Live and has another comedy venue, the series Portlandia, on the Independent Film Channel.  It’s a funny and odd show that completely captivates my squishy little head.

I watched an episode recently with a sketch called “Put a Bird on It”.  Then, I noticed all kinds of folks celebrating the sketch by naming bird projects “Put a Bird on It”.  Even the craft magazine Cloth Paper Scissors’s new issue is called “Put a Bird on It”!  I love it!
This week on the Cool2Craft Channel, Linda Peterson’s show Creative Life TV has a bird theme and you know what that means!  The Cool2Craft Linky Party theme for this week is BIRDS!  I simply couldn’t resist adding my own tribute to the “Put a Bird on It” sketch !
If you haven’t done a linky party yet, you’re missing out!  If you have a project post that fits the linky party theme, just click the link to the Linky Party page and follow the directions!  You’ll be asked for the complete address to your post, the name of the project,  your email address and your name.  Then you’ll choose an image, click that button and your link will be added!  It’s that easy!
So watch the show on Cool2Craft.com and join the linky party!  Put a bird on it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vintage Cupcake Co. Outtakes!

Visiting with Michelle was way too much fun!  And I got a free cupcake!  Bonus!  In fairness, I did put my face in it, so Michelle was okay with giving it to me.
Have you linked up to our Linky Party on cool2craft.com?  This could be the start of something very cool!