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Monday, January 9, 2012

Burlap Chic

This week on Cool2Craft TV, the theme is burlap!  I wasn't sure what I would do, so I let my imagination go and decided I wanted to try burlap jewelry.  I did rolled burlap beads and textured embossing pewter with burlap, punching colored and antiqued coin beads.  It was a learning experience!  Here's the video tutorial:
If you get the chance, watch the whole show, because Tiffany and EcoHiedi did way cool burlap projects!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 The Year of (insert your goal here)

The coming year is going to be the year of harmony for Candace the Muse. January's Cool2Craft Creative Play Theme asks you to consider what you want for yourself in 2012.  What do you want to work on, embody, attract or do this coming year?
This is my Harmony Crown.  It's made from a plastic tote, fuzzy yarn, colorful chain pulls, star garland, gems and my own mix of riot beads.  I would so love to see what you can come up with using things you have on hand to create a crown or anything else that represents where you want to be in 2012!  Your submission can be a photo of ANYTHING that shows what you desire!
Don't forget that you earn CoolCash for every theme you participate in!  Four CoolCash points get's you something handmade from my studio.  Last year I gave away some of my favorite projects to fabulous folks who sent me  photos of THEIR favorite projects.  Some of them have earned TWO handmades!  Check out my Creative Play page on our website, cool2craft.com for more details and past theme videos.  On the front page of cool2craft.com you'll find a link to see Creative Play Muse Archives.  This will show you some Creative Play submissions as well as many of my posts.

This is your year to shine online!  Be a Cool2Craft Creative Play Contributor as often as you like and earn my handmade goodies!