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Monday, June 1, 2015

Needle Felted Sugar Skulls

These projects were a bit different than the 3D pieces I've done. The sugar skulls are low relief. so the backs won't be seen!  Yea!  Less finishing!  Also, fun fact - you don't stab your fingers nearly as much, because most of the work is done with the piece on your felting surface!

I had so much fun with this idea that I want to take it another step and do zombie portraits and Halloween skulls, masks and such!  Ooh, tikis! I LOVE tikis!  So many possibilities!

I mounted the finished pieces by gluing them into dimensional (keepsake) frames.  Then I embellished them with some Blumenthal Lansing buttons, silk flowers, gems, studs and two little ceramic heart buttons that I made a while back.

Off to more needle felting therapy!

Love and blessings