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Monday, January 27, 2014

UncustoMary's February Monthly Marvels

February's Monthly Marvels is here!  The theme is Productivity, and, boy howdy, it arrived just in time!  I have been in such a fog!

The kit includes a photo of the Halloween yarn bomb we did last year, an Envelop Explosion with all kinds of fun things,
a blank notebook with Infinite Potential, a note pad for your Bright Ideas, pencils and Sticky Flags, a note card and Skeleton Key and a calender with Unusual Holidays!  Sweet!

AND...a clear pack with art from Cara of Chewy Tulip!  It includes an Anthropomorphic Mail Art Project!  It's a pre-addressed, prepaid postcard with an animal head, which she invites you to embellish and send back to her!  How awesome is that!