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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Candace's Green Sleeve

If you know me, you know I love coffee and Starbucks is a frequent haunt. Last week I was there with my husband. I was mulling over my options for the Green C4 Challenge and playing with the sleeve when I slipped my hand through it and thought it made make a cool bracelet.
So it began.

I've done a few things with coffee logos (yes, I collect coffee logos and photos) and really wanted to punch this up, so I got out my glittery gel pens and Glossy Accents.
I loved the the outcome!

You'll notice I flattened it for the Glossy Accents application. It will stay where you put it if it's applied to a flat surface. The coffee sleeves are made with 60% post consumer recyled material, so I was already pretty green. Then I got out the pieces of broken costume jewelry that my grandmother saved (along with the buttons off of everything she ever wore...sweet!) and made some decisions.

I gathered the green, pink and pearl beads, a hole punch, a lovely corner punch. stretchy beading string (I wanted it to be able to stretch and not tear when I put it on) and scissors. I punched a pattern of holes and started beading. I overlapped the back and corner-punched the top outer corner.

I cut wavy edges and added a few more sparkly spots.

I really should have slipped it on before I atached the ends together, because it's too big for a bracelet, but it's an awesome coffee sleeve!