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Monday, January 9, 2012

Burlap Chic

This week on Cool2Craft TV, the theme is burlap!  I wasn't sure what I would do, so I let my imagination go and decided I wanted to try burlap jewelry.  I did rolled burlap beads and textured embossing pewter with burlap, punching colored and antiqued coin beads.  It was a learning experience!  Here's the video tutorial:
If you get the chance, watch the whole show, because Tiffany and EcoHiedi did way cool burlap projects!


  1. That's absolutely beautiful, Candace. I'm in awe of your creativity and skill.

  2. Visiting from the Art Blog Hop.

    Beautiful. Amazing creativity!

    Enjoyed your post!

  3. Thank you so much, Wendy! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Great site!!Im from the Art Blog Hop...would appreciate a follow back! :)



  5. Candace: I watched your easy to follow video and learned about manipulating burlap to make jewelry. Your necklace is beautiful and doesn't even look like burlap was used at all. The colors are magnificent.

    I've given you the Liebster award because something about you inspired me. If your schedule is like mine, you may not have time to do the requirements for this award. Just pick what you can do, and when, which is what I had to do.

    I once had a recipient who kindly rejected her award and said that her schedule would simply not allow her to participate. I understand if you feel the same.

    Here is a link to my post for the questions that I answered for Angie, and that you may answer.
    Sandi's Answers

    Here is a link to my recipients. Sandi's Recipients. The award requires that you select 11, which I did. Others have selected less.

    Please email me for the banner since you won't be able to right click and copy it from my blog post: sandihollandmixedmedia@outlook.com. Congratulations and enjoy your banner.