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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Year Round Celebration Tree

 After the holidays this year, I got an awesome deal on a small lighted tree in an urn.  I've wanted one for years!  I decided to celebrate my year of harmony and robots by keeping it decorated! 
Right now it's a Valentine tree!  See the jar in front of it?  It's a Scentsy warmer.  In fact it's Scentsy's warmer of the month!
 What I love most about it is that the small glass heart on the front is lit by a hole in the jar, AND if you look up and to the right of the jar, you'll see the feint  heart shaped light.  I wish I could have picked it up better because it's so cool!  It casts heart shaped lights all around on the walls! This is the kind of thing that makes me want to sing!  My Sister-in-law sells Scentsy if you're interested (https://debbiesimmons.scentsy.us/).
I made an ornament for the top of the tree with my new Sizzix die cutter, card stock, beads and tissue paper.  There's a light right at the top of the tree, so it shines through the tissue paper!
The best part of this morning was my hubby making me heart shaped bacon and heart shaped pancakes!  Yea!  Have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

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