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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crowning Progress

I'm working on a new crown for this year.  It's the year of harmony and robots and this crown will reflect that.
The frame of the crown is electrical wire.  I wrap the wire loosely around my head to measure the base.  You need a little extra room for the covering of the base, which in this case is strips of shrepa fleece from an old top. 
Before covering the base. construct the skeleton of shaped wire pieces - curly ques and arches, etc.  They are strung together with 24 gauge wire.  There's a lot of movement at this point.
I wrap the base with stretchy fabric.  This is the first part of the tightening up process.  I usually bead the fabric.
Next I wrap the whole crown with 24 gauge wire.  Now the frame is very sturdy.
Today I'm ready to start adding charms.  I made a singing bird bead from polymer clay.
I'm going to make a tiny robot with beads and there are lots of handmade beads that I'm compelled to add because they speak to my warped beingness.  Skulls with jeweled eyes, chocolates and such.  You'll see =0)
In the meantime, hop over to my page at cool2craft.com and see what we're up to!


  1. "It's the year of harmony and robots." This is my favourite line of all time. It makes me ridiculously happy.

  2. Candace, I'm linking to your blog on mine because I'm writing about CAPTCHA and I had a hard time with the CAPTCHA for this comment. Plus, I thought it was funny, because I was commenting about robots. I hope you aren't insulted! If you want me to take your name/link off the post, I'd be happy to.

  3. Not at all! I think we're connected in many ways already! Lol!