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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Logan Canyon

My honey and I took a drive up to Logan Canyon today. We were told the colors would be fabulous this weekend. We were not disappointed. We just didn't know where we would end up.

It turns out, we came out at the top of the mountain in the snow.
It was beautiful! The road ended at Bear Lake in Raspberry, Utah. We decided to drive around the lake instead of going back through the canyon.
That drive took us
through corners of Idaho and Wyoming and back down over another snowy mountain and into the Ogden Valley.
At one point we had to stop for a couple of cowboys trying to move their herd across the canyon road. The cows were boisterous and misbehaving. Finally one of the cowboys hollered obscenities at the last misbehaver and they were all across the road in a hurry.
No telling where we'll end up next Sunday.

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