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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Small Town Girl Makes Good...Coffee

Okay, I didn't make the coffee, but I did design the labels for our local coffee shop, Grounds for Coffee.  The labels just arrived and I am over the moon excited! 

I did not design the logo in the center, which I just love!  I blew it up, traced it and drew it with opaque gel pens, the same medium the label was created in.

The owners, Suzy and Dan Daily, like some of my radiating pattern designs (like Hot Pot) and thought it would work well with a sunflower motif.
They receive their coffee bean blends in large bags, put them in the 1 lb bags and write the blend in the blank space.  Below is the cup sleeve I designed for them.  I think I'm way too excited about this, but I can't stop jumping up and down!


  1. Just love this Sis!!! I am way excited for you, and even more excited to tell everyone at the coffee shop that I am related to this Amazing Artist!!!

  2. very cool...or hot, as the joe may be. congrats!!

  3. WOW WOW, I LOVE your coffee labels, the contrast of black & vibrant colors are so uplifting!. Congrats!

  4. I love your style Candace it reminds me of some of the album covers I have discovered lately from the 1970's that have a "funky vibe". Very cool!