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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Seeds of Intention

Clay Easter Egg by Candace Jedrowicz
Candace Jedrowicz's air-dry clay project is a fun way to re-seed your garden*. As your egg weathers it will disintegrate back to the earth and plant your seeds. Featured on Cool2Craft TV. Watch Candace's Clay Easter Egg with Seeds of Intention YouTube video tutorial of this project!
Earthenware or stoneware clay - it must be natural clay - I found some in my local craft store, but it's even better if you can dig it from your yard

Toothpick Water Paint brush Seeds - any kind

 1. Take two handfuls of clay about the same size.

 2. Begin by shaping them into balls.

 3. Hold one ball in the palm of one hand. With the thumb of the other hand, push into the center of the ball right up to the knuckle.

 4. Keep resting the ball in your palm with the thumb in it. Press toward the thumb with the fingers of the same hand. Press gently, turn the ball, press again, turn and keep pressing until you've gone all the way around. Move your fingers to a thicker part and repeat until you have a cup shape with a 1/2" thick rim. Repeat for the other ball.

 5. Gently pinch the rim of one cup and push out thin little petals all the way around.

 6. If you like, whisper your wishes and intentions for Spring as you put your seeds inside one of the cups.

 7. Scrape the rims of both cups with the toothpick, leaving clay crumbs on the clay.

 8. Dot water in the scratches.

 9. Put the rims together and push gently.

 10. Gently fold the petals of the one rim over onto the other half of the ball.

 11. Smooth gently with your fingers at first, then roll the ball on your work surface.

 12. Shape the clay into an egg. Scratch and dot water anywhere you want to add dots, squiggles or any other clay shapes. You can scratch words into the wet clay or symbols. Make it as meaningful as possible.

 13. Allow to dry. Place in your yard and let the weather take the egg back to the earth and plant your seeds.

*Point of fact:  I normally do this with metaphorical seeds of intention.  I hope you'll consider trying it and let me know what happens.  I'll update this oost with my findings as well. 
P Clay Easter Egg by Candace Jedrowicz


  1. Might just have to try this. Thank you for the How to. HUGS

    1. I hope you do, Regina! It's like art therapy, only muddy!

  2. Candace,
    I sat here and watched you whole video, it is very intriguing. Makes me totally wan to go get that kind of clay and make one too! Thanks so much for this tut, I love it! Your so creative GF! Keep them coming! I love your work! You inspire me all the time!

    1. Thank you, girl friend! If you do try it, remember that you can do all kinds of symbols on it and inside of it! The more personal you make it, the more powerful th work.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Heather! I've been taught that anything you give your full attention to while you're doing it, is meditation. Add intention and it becomes ritual. Whether you are brushing your teeth or sewing a masterpiece, done with love, it plants seeds of love in you and everyone you meet, ad continues to grow love in your life and surroundings.