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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

What a beautiful Halloween it was! The weather was perfect! We had a party on Friday, just the family. We made kooky treats for dinner, Mummy Pizza, Mummy Dogs, String Cheese Fingers, Bread stick Bones and Apple Bites. Most of the recipes and instructions came from this year's Better Homes and Gardens Halloween magazine. And I made way too many cookies, but that's just me. The kids each got a witch's hat and wand - A sugar cone covered in chocolate (I used a pastry brush to coat the cone in melted chocolates) and a chocolate covered pretzel sticks, both sprinkled with confection stars.
I LOVE the picture of my niece, Adrienne with the Apple Bite in her mouth! It really tickles me! The sunset Friday night was so amazing! This is the view from our deck.
And Halloween was just the best! It seems like it's been a long time since I've had that much fun. We all needed it.
This is me ready to greet my trick-or-treaters. I was so excited because I lived on a semi-rural road in Maryland. I haven't seen trick-or-treaters for five years! These are two of my grandnieces and my grandnephew. So cute!
This is Evalyn, my first granddaughter. And, next is my youngest granddaughter, Alessia. Then, My oldest grandchild, Alex. This one is from the year before last, I just love it! I miss them so much!
The next door neighbors carved some Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins! They're really wonderful!

Then, there was this house...

Yeah, I want to live there.

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