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Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the 11th Day of Creepmas We Flew Away

On the 11th day of  the Smeared and Smudged 12 Days of Creepmas blog hop, my true love gave to me the end of world as we know it, and I feel fine!

If you're hopping, you've arrived here from the very awesome Ike's World.

My project is below the blog roll.  Be sure to visit all the creepy bloggers and leave some comment love!

Blog Roll
So, with the end of the world being on the 21st, I'm taking my skull-studded tree and my SI Candy is Dandy Bear and we'll fly away.

The main photo was a fun group project.  Back in Maryland I belonged to a group of four creative mavens.  We would take turns hosting the group for lunch and crafting. For one of my parties,  we took turns dressing in a long black dress I had.  Each in turn would sit on the edge of a table with a broom under us.  They had no idea what I was up to!
Here is how the photos started at.  This is me.  You may notice that I changed a few things in the finished photo.  Not just adding the background,  I shaved several pounds off, cut the skirt at an angle to imply movement and added a scarf.  This can also be achieved by fussy cutting the body to how you want it to look.

If you're doing your layered photo, you would print at least two of the body so that the arm can be around the little bear (or your favorite familiar).  I use a 100 year-old Photoshop program to edit the photos, but cutting and layering is just as fun with endless possibilities!

Now, off to the lovely Lisa Hall for some more fabulous fun!


  1. Such a cool photo Candace! I need to find me some creative maven friends.

  2. OMG! Is this ever fun! Love that it's you and your Photoshop work is amazing! xxD

  3. o wow this is so awesome, great pic

  4. Wow what a creation! I love how you used that photo!

  5. Great card Candace...love the humor! I'm getting Photoshop for Christmas and can't wait to play with it. Thanks for the tips!

  6. soo cool- love this...what a great idea!

  7. This is wonderful I love it.awesome art..
    susan s

  8. OMG this is totally awesome - I LOVE it! What a fun project! :)

  9. Awesomely clever !! LUV it.... and they say the camera never lies !!! LoL xxx

  10. This is SOOO fun! What a great idea, lol.