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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 5 of 12 Days of Creepmas Blog Hop - Easy Skelly Cookies

On the 5th day of Creepmas Smeared and Smudged blog hop my true love gave to me a Nightmare Before Christmas party!  Don't you just love all the fabulous projects all the bloggers have created for the hop?  In case this is your first visit to The Smeared and Smudged 12 Days of Creepmas blog hop,  click in here for all the skinny

If you're hopping, you've arrived here from the very awesome Ike's World.

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Blog Roll

Four months ago my grand nieces and nephews and I started a tradition of having one creative party every month.  Each kid gets to host one in turn.  They choose a theme, create the dinner menu, create an invitation (if they want to) and choose a craft.  It's up to them to decide how much they want to do.  At the very least, they choose a theme and a craft idea that I flesh out.  AND they get to sit in the big craft chair in the studio at the party (they really like that part).

They youngest kidlet wanted a Nightmare Before Christmas party and you can guess how excited I was!  He wanted chicken nuggets and fries for dinner and skull cookies for dessert.  Oh, and Dr Pepper.  The parents come for dinner too, so Hubby gets to augment the menu for them.  I say "gets to" because he loves to cook for people.  
The craft was a paper skull.  That left me a lot of leeway.  I managed to find free Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pages (though I question the validity of said FREE pages because Disney owns the images, therefore I won't show them).  We made ornaments using Jack's head, his bat bow tie and  a bell.  I printed both images forward and backward, so they could be put back to back.  They colored the images with glittery gel pens, cut them out and glued them together with the ribbon between. 

On to the cookies!  I use Wilton's Roll Out Cookie Recipe, with the exception that I used their older recipe that called for 1 cup of sugar.  I cut them out with the rim of a cup.  When they were cooled, I iced them with melted white chocolate.  Your just pour it on and shake the cookie to spread it.  I found a Wilton Cookie Icing in black on sale, so that's what I used for the space.  Now, the Cookie Icing is on the wet side and spreads a lot, so the key is to squeeze on a little at a time for the eyes, touch the tip to the cookie without squeezing for the nostrils and move quickly across the cookie, without touching it. for the mouth.  Use a tooth pick to draw across the mouth for the detail.  

The most important thing is to get into a rhythm and not worry about making each one perfect.  Make a few extra for practice.  Enjoy!

 Now, off to the lovely Lisa Hall for some more fabulous fun!


  1. what a festive idea, getting the kidlets involved! Your party sounds like a blast and the cookies look yumbo! xxD

  2. Awesome cookies! Looks like you all had a fabulous time!

  3. These are fantastic looking cookies...you will be the star of the party! If they taste as good as they look...you will be making cookies for all your parties in the future!

  4. Wonderful cookies. How fun.
    susan s.

  5. Candace, these are awesome! Your parties sound like a lot of fun, too. The kids are making great memories with you! :)

  6. I'll bet the kids and adults love your parties! I certainly enjoy reading about them and those cookies look so yummy!!

  7. These are so fun! I love them Candace!!

  8. love the whole creepmas concept, what fun! xo

  9. I want to come to your parties! How fun, these cookies are great :)

  10. Wonderful - what a totally fantastic idea :-)xx