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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jackie Eucare: From Ashes to Art

Here's Jackie's Story:

I am a 26 year old mother of a little boy soon to turn 2. I was born in Baltimore and raised in Severna Park. I graduated high school in 2005. I did college for a while, even took an art class! In April 2008, my home caught fire, displacing me over night. The overwhelming feelings and inability to completely grasp everything happening were too much to allow me to focus on school. I shortly dropped my classes after. I decided to move my feelings and focus elsewhere, so I went to my local arts & crafts store. I have been painting for roughly 5 years now!  

  I have used Acrylic paints only. They were my first pick, so I have stuck with them since. With many of my paintings, once I have decided not to add anymore color, I rotate the canvas until something jumps out at me. I paint carelessly, no “final result” in my mind when I start. I also am working on multiple canvas’ at once, because of the drying process. I am highly detail oriented, but I am also very impatient. I have been experimenting with spray paints lately and really enjoy what I have been creating!

  Art in itself inspires me. There is no “wrong” when you’re talking about artwork. It is appealing to someone, for some reason. My true inspiration is a satisfied customer! I take pride in knowing some of my close family and friends have a few of MY artwork displayed in their homes. Creating happiness for an individual is one of the greatest gifts in our world! I only wish to do my part!

Jackie, You're doing you part, and more!   Thank you for sharing your passion!
Here is Jackie's email if you'd like to respond directly to her: