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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friendship Friday - Summer Beverage

Create With Joy's Friendship Friday blog is about sharing your favorite summer refreshing beverage.  Well, water is my favorite, but many moons ago, Hubby and I would indulge in an occasional crazy wonderful cocktail - The Flaming Volcano!  It's lots of fruit juices and rum - yum!
Thanks to 35yoAlcoholVirgin for Pinning this photo!  What's your favorite summer beverage?  Click below and join the fun!


  1. I enjoy cocktails when I'm on vacation but my every day drink is green tea. :)

    1. We're about the same. Now that we're old folks, we would simply fall asleep if we were to imbibe casually.

  2. Following you from Friendship Friday blog hop and hope you would follow me too:)