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Friday, July 27, 2012

New on the Bone Tree

Heaven and Earth Earrings
Did I mention that I love asymmetry?  These are recycle earrings in that the polymer clay strips were leftover from another project.  In fact, they are leftovers from the leftovers.  

Craft foil on polymer clay is spectacular!  I love to foil both sides of a piece of black clay,  I cut out tiny shapes and make one or two holes so they can be used for anything you would use a bead for.  Some pieces may come out with only one foiled side. I use those for tiles in my mixed media work.

When I'm out of room to use the cutters, I cut up the leftovers and press them together showing as much foil as possible.  Then I use a cutter that will use most of the pile.  These make great pendants.
First Leftovers Pendant
Then I take what's left of that pile, push it together and run it though the pasta roller on the widest setting.  The shapes are organic and really fun!  Of course they are asymmetrical!  Yea! 
What do you do with your leftovers?


  1. Love the bones! Your pieces are really unique!

  2. Thank you, Simona! I do love the shape of bones! Is there anything else as universally recognized as a bone?