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Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's onyavenue, Hon!

Please allow me to translate: It's on the Avenue, Hon.  The Avenue in Baltimore is a neighborhood (Hampden) that is retro chic.  It's known for some of the chicest boutiques like Ma Petit Shoe which sells designer shoes AND designer chocolate.  Don't you just love it?

On the Avenue there's a cafe that is the epitome of retro chic - Cafe Hon.  Their egg salad on cheese toast is the bomb!  The spirit of Cafe Hon is so celebrated that the cafe's owner started HonFest, a weekend of 60's Hampdon culture.  There are huge beehive and super flip hairdos, 60's music, leopard skin, pink flamingos and horn-rimmed glasses.  This is the culture John Waters wrote Hairspray about.

Though I moved to Utah, I still get a post card for my birthday.  It's good and bad for me, because I though I LOVE seeing their fabulous fashions smiles and , there's a coupon for a free entree on the back and  I miss terribly!  Plus July is the perfect time to go downyoshun, Hon!

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