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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Blood Glucose Record Book

I have type 2 diabetes.  In the past six months I’ve worked hard to get healthy.  I walk early in the morning, I watch what I eat, etc.  I actually look forward to jumping out of bed and on the scale, then checking my sugar level.  I wanted to make myself a book to record my weight and sugar levels. 
I LOVE Aleene’s Burnt Brown Bag technique (there are several video demos on Youtube done by the Creativity Sisters – check them out!), so here’s what I did:
I gathered up a bunch of things I’d need:
A paper grocery bag
Aleene’s Tacky Glue ( I used Quick Dry)
Two pieces of 5”x5” cardboard and a ¼”x5” piece for the spine
A sponge brush
Metallic inks, Rub and Buff metallic colors
A heat tool
A candle  and lighter
A bone folder

1.Cut three layers of paper bag larger than the cardboard book cover will be with layers of glue between them.

2. Paint a layer of glue on the top layer of bag, place the cardboard in position and cut the corners for folding.  Fold the edges over and burnish with the bone folder.  Cut one piece of paper bag to fit on the inside of the cover and glue it in place.

3. Take care to burnish the spaces on the sides of the spine.  Let dry.

4. Spread one half of the inside with glue and, while the glue is wet, pass it over the candle flame.

5. It will sizzle and bubble and pop and turn black.  That’s what you want it to do.

6. When it’s cool, use a paper towel or wet wipe to remove the soot.

7. The surface already has a lovely sheen, but I like colors in layers, so I start by rubbing a copper colored ink pad over the whole thing.

8. The copper Rub and Buff is a slightly lighter color, so I skim it over the surface with my fingers.

9. I chose my favorite stamps and added some silver and gold accents.  I’m sure you have favorite stamps that would look awesome on this surface!

10.   If you use inks that require heat setting, do that now and when it’s cool give it a coat of matte sealer

11. Whatever your pages will be, you’ll want to measure your cover and take a ½” off each edge for the paper measurement.  Make two holes about an inch and a half from the ends.

12. Center the paper in the cove and mark where the holes will be on the spine.

13. I attached my pages by threading a wire through the holes and wrapping it twice.  Then I tied a piece of yarn to the wire and added a charm on the end for a book mark.

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  1. OMG this is so crazy cool looking! WOW! Your so talented!