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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dad's Framed Tie Display

I saved my dad's ties and tie tack collection when he passed. It took a while to think of how to display them, but I hatched a plan to make a fun framed homage to Dad!

Watch my Dad's Framed Tie Display YouTube video tutorial!

Aleene's Fabric Fusion Peel and Stick Tape
12" x 12" x 2" dimensional frame
1/4" dowel
1/4" drill bit
Clear packing tape
Tie tacks, pin and bars

1. Lay out your ties in layers that look good to you and are 12" wide.  Lay packing tape over them to keep them from moving.  Cut excess fabric about 2" beyond the tape.

2. Remove the frame insert and lay over your ties.  Make all the adjustments so the ties fit into the insert.  Use the packing tape to hold the position of the bottom end below where the the frame stops.

3. Measure 3/8" down from the top edge of the insert and mark the center.  Use a small block of wood inside the insert as you drill a hole on the mark.  Repeat at opposite ends on two of the outside edges.   The idea is to slide the dowels in place at the top and bottom to wrap the ends of the layered ties around.

4. Measure and cut the dowels to fit in the holes and cut them so they don't extend outside of the insert.

5. Stand the insert upside down and lay the top of the layered ties, back side facing up, inside with the excess toward you.  Slide the dowel in over the ties.

6. Lay 2 strips of Fabric Fusion tape on the ties (on either side of the dowel.  Remove the tape backing and fold the excess over the dowel and press securely in place.

7. Repeat for the bottom, making sure to pull the ties tight when securing.

8. Add the tie tacks , pins and bars to the front.  Slide the insert into the frame and place the back of the frame on to secure it.

1 comment:

  1. Candace,
    This is cute and look at all of those tie tacks, pins,and bars on those ties! Great job!