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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fun Recycled Gift Box

Bagel Box Gift Box Candace Jedrowicz
Admit it, you sometimes buy product because you want to use the box for a project!I love great big bagel boxes and here's how to make one into a lovely gift box! Grab your spray paint, felt and glitter and get ready to make some giftable magic!
Watch my From Bagel Box to Gift Box YouTube video tutorial!

Aleene's Original Tacky Glue Aleene's No Sew Fabric Glue
Bagel box Spray paint - I used silver
Felt - I used white
Old credit or gift card to use to spread glue
Decorative plastic or fabric - my decorative plastic had been wrapped around a bouquet of flowers Glitter glue - I used silver and gold
Wired ribbon - I used 2" wide gold ribbon

1. Spray the box with paint, inside and out. Allow to dry and spray on a second coat. Allow to dry.

2. Trace the sides of the box to make pattern for the felt that will be glued to the inside of the box up to the fold. Spread Tacky Glue on one inside side at a time and lay the felt into the glue. Press and smooth for firm attachment. Repeat for all sides. Optional: Cut decorative felt pieces that will be glued above the fold on the flaps. Use No Sew Glue around the edges

3. Cut plastic or fabric hearts to cover the perforated parts on the outside of the flaps. Glue in place. Allow to dry.

4. Add decorative details with glitter glue. Allow to dry.

5. Cut a 3' piece of wired ribbon to tie the handles together and make a pretty bow. P Bagel Box Gift Box Candace Jedrowicz

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