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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Patriotic CenterPiece

America celebrates its rich heritage with holidays that venerate those who gave their lives to protect her, those who work to keep her running and the brave souls who gave everything to make her a free country!  In our solemn ceremonies, observations and celebrations, we proudly display our flags.  Red White and Blue are everywhere, from garlands to banners, from hats to party decorations, and we do it BIG!  Here's super easy centerpiece to bring color and sparkle to all your patriotic get togethers!
Watch my Patriotic Centerpiece YouTubevideo tutorial!

Plastic patriotic hat
2 small flags
Block of Styrofoam cut to fit in the hat
12" tall red white and blue spray of shiny stars with weighted bottom wrapped in Mylar
Silk roses in red and white
12" tall spray of white - I took mine from another weighted spray
Wooden skewers
Hot glue
Glittered balls in red (optional)

1. Pour the marbles into the bottom of the upside down hat.

2. Put the Styrofoam block on the marbles.

3. Unwrap the Mylar from the bottom of the weighted red white and blue spray, and set in the center and fan it out.
*At this point I'd like to point out that I didn't glue mine together so it will come apart easily for storage, but you could certainly glue yours.

4. I bought my roses in bouquets, so I cut them off to place individually.  Begin adding roses, pushing the stems through the foam.  Angle the roses so that they fill in below the spray.

5. Cut the Mylar in 4 squares.  Hot glue one corner of each piece to a wooden skewer and twist to secure.  Push the Mylar pieces into the foam above the roses and around the spray.

6. Push the white spray onto one of the wires of the red white and blue spray so it stands highest in the center.

7. Push the 2 flags into the foam on opposite sides

8. Optional - glue red glitter balls around the brim of the hat.


  1. This is so gorgeous, and stunning, you make suck wonderful things!

  2. This is so gorgeous, and stunning, you make suck wonderful things!