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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Owl Mail

I've been having so much fun coming up with ways to make art mail!  Cake mail made from a sponge was too much fun NOT to explore further.  What else can be made from a sponge?  An owl postcard!  Hoo wants to try it?

Watch my Owl Mail YouTube video tutorial!

Aleene's Super Thick Tacky Glue
Grout Sponge, or smaller sponge
Tissue blade - it's a super thin razor blade used for polymer clay
Eileen Hull's Sizzix die Flowers with Heart Petals (optional - to use for the felt eyes)
Needle - a narrow 2" long one is best
Strong thread
Paint brush
Tooth brush (optional) I sued to pounce on the felt pieces to push glue deeper into the sponge
Owl Pattern
Owl Pattern for Felt Cutouts

1. Print and trace the owl pattern onto the sponge.

2. Use the tissue blade to saw the sponge carefully

3. Paint the whole sponge and allow to dry.

4. Cut eye, beak and wing patterns from felt.  My wings were ovals with flat bottoms and that worked for me.  Play with the pattern to get the look you like.

5. Using lots of glue, glue the felt eyes in place.  Pounce on the felt with the tooth brush to help the glue get into the sponge, if desired.

6. WHILE THE GLUE IS WET, sew the buttons in the center of the eyes, pulling slightly to make sink in to the sponge a bit.

7. Glue beak and wings in place.  Pounce with tooth brush, if desired.

8. Trace the sponge on cardstock and cut out.

9. Before gluing to the back of the sponge trim the cardstock to make sure no edge will stick out from the sponge.  Glue on and allow to dry.

10. When you address the postcard, remember that the post office will only deliver to the address that is lowest on the postcard and that they need room to put 2 stickers on it.

P Owl Mail Candace Jedrowicz