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Sunday, August 19, 2012

55 Things

My friend Mary has the most awesome website - Lust for Life - that's chocked full of brilliant deeds and ideas!  I fell in love with her post 100 Ways To Be Creative.  Mary was inspired by Keri Smith's 100 Ideas, to write her own 100 things.  I asked Mary if I could use some of the fabulous items from her list to make a list for a special occasion -
I turned 55 this year.  I am officially a senior citizen at some of my favorite restaurants!  I have the best job in the world.  I get to create art everyday.  I have connected to some of the most creative folks in the world on the internet.  Life is good.  In celebration of my newly acquired senior breakfast options, I'll be having way too much fun fulfilling my Magical Mary List!
I've kept the "source" links that show where Mary got some of her ideas, as well as linking to Mary's posts about some of the things she's completed.

1.  Complete an online tutorial you've bookmarked for later
2.  Collect something very specific
3.  Wear a mask, crown (or other headwear) that you made all day
4.  Carry a notebook and pen with you everywhere you go
5.  Fill an entire photo album with anything but photographs
6.  Utilize free and found materials
7.  Knit something your [grand dog] can wear - Mary's
8Choreograph a dance - Mary's
9.  Make a list of things you're tolerating and then fix them
10.Use paint chips for anything except what they're intended for
11. Wear only black clothing (down to the underwear!) and allow yourself one colored accessory
12. Melt crayons (source)
13. Change the lyrics to a song that you are singing to your pet (about your pet)
14. Don't stay seated for too long
15. Design your own flag
16. Mail an object not in an envelope or package (as is)
17  Recreate a photo that you think is beautiful - Mary's
18. Make up a story about people you see walking on the street - Mary's
19. Journal or write something somewhere every day
20. Decorate a pair of cheap/plain shoes with something wonderful and tacky
21 .Decide what you would want to be in a textbook for and then go make sure it happens
22 .Make a mass handmade gift to give everyone for Christmas or some other holiday (personalize each one)
23. Create a theme for you to follow for a day or a whole week (clothing, speech, activities, etc.)
24. Teach someone something (or make your own tutorial)
25. Celebrate weird and unusual holidays - Mary's
26. Install some guerilla art for everyone to enjoy - Mary's
27. Decorate the inside of your car
28. Take a picture of the same spot every day at the same time
29. Use unique lighting (twinkle lights, color filters, etc.)
30. Decide what should be on a stamp – then make your own artistamps
31. Make your own Halloween costume
32. Bedazzle something
33. Decorate mirrors with dry erase markers [source]
34. Create the boundaries of where your ideal state would be on a map, name it, and write down what the state would offer and be called
35. Create an outdoor natural artwork (using flowers, a rock garden, collection, etc.)
36. Make your own sketch design (crayons, black paint, scratching) - Mary's
37. Frequently change your surroundings
38. Go to a party supply store when you have no intention of throwing a party
39. Wear fancy hair accessories on ordinary days
40. Leave nice/anonymous notes for strangers
41. Decorate cupcakes in an awesome way
42. Try to change your handwriting for the length of an entire letter
43. Go somewhere outside specifically to play the cloud game
44. Create your own mandala
45. Take an illusion type picture
46. Decorate for every holiday
47. Stay up past your bed time (to keep or start working)
48. Do something anyway (even when you don't have all the supplies)
49. Measure something really large with something that's not a ruler or other traditional form of measurement
50. Document your week in paper scraps [source]

And 5 of my own:
51. Make outrageous cookies 
52. Finish a project every day
53. Stay on schedule with show projects
54. Finish the Chocolate Project
55. Make 2 new drawings every week

Thank you, Mary, for being you!

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  1. Congrats!! For having a time of your life, doing what you most cherish and actually have fun doing it! I LOVE your post about 100 list of things inspired by Mary. :)). TFS!

    1. Thank you, Shahrul! Mary is such and inspiration!