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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tiny Cake and Tea Set

I did a little feature on Lindsay Pastore of PleydeyDollhouse Miniatures a while back.  Her miniature furniture is so lovely!  After the feature, Lindsay sent me a fabulous mini table!
I was so inspired by Lindsay's gorgeous gift that I made her a tiny cake and tea set from polymer clay!  Thank you, Lindsay for your gift and inspirations!
You can find Lindsay's work here.
I'm sharing this project on Craft-O-Maniac's Monday Blog Party


  1. OMG this is awesome! You have inspired me to make my own tiny tea set. I have been wanting a tiny tea set. But didnt think about making one. I know mine wont come out as good as yours tho! Great job!

    1. Kristy, it took me a few times to figure it out! The cups were formed over the rounded end of a paintbrush.
      I hope you'll share photos if you try it!
      Ooh! We should try a Halloween cake and tea set!