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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sketch Challange

I am so loving the Challenger Group at Smeared and Smudged!  This was my entry for a Poe themed sketchy challenge.  Here is the sketch design.  The sketches are proposed as springboards and don't have to be interpreted literally, but I loved this composition so I went with it. 
I used some of my favorite papers and a digital stamp of Poe from Smeared Ink.
I love using tissue boxes in art!  They don't always read well in photos, but the green horizontal strips are from a metallic finish box.  The green dot is actually holographic.   Below are two pendants made with metallic finish tissue boxes.  Click here for a better look and my tutorial for making a cardboard tissue box pendant.,  I'm looking forward to making something with the holographic card board!



  1. what a fantastic sketch and love how you interpreted it.

    1. Thank you, Sandy! BTW I love your blog and your lovely paper art!