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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ten Things About August for Mary

 My friend Mary sends out Mary Mail with all kinds of fun things she's done and photos and fun videos!  I so love getting it!  Today Mary asked us to send her our top ten things about August.  Normally I'd be wishing we could just skip August, because I'm not a fan of heat.  However, this month has been extraordinary!  Thanks to Mary, I'm documenting it so I'll never hope to skip August again.  Thanks Mary!

Top Ten Things About August

1. It was like Christmas!  I won 2 blog giveaways and received 10 charms from a swap, AND just read I came in second in a contest to design a menu for a local coffee shop and won a $20 gift certificate!

2. I got invited to enter a national gift wrapping contest by a PR person for 3M who saw a wrapping paper sculpture project I did last year. (I'm sure hundreds of folks were invited)

3. Kneaders opened a restaurant near us!  Oh my heck, the chocolate dome dessert is to die for!

4. I made a see-through mosaic that hangs in a window and I love it!  I love mosaics!

5. I got invited to join three dark themed Etsy shop owner groups.

6. I entered a challenge piece in a Smeared and Smudged challenge. (Pictured above) It's a Warholesque Edgar Alan Poe.

7. I was asked to be on a design team called Poison Peas Please.

8. Several of my Cool2Craft web duties were eliminated when my fearless leader streamlined that site, but she wants to pay me the same, so now I'm being paid for my craft projects, which is what she'd planned to do as soon as it was possible!  Yea!  Tiffany rocks!

9. I found colored metallic pastes that dry completely!  They work like Rub-N-Buff, which only comes in gold and patina, but is permanent when it dries.  Eee!  I ordered them yesterday!

10. My kidlets and I had a pirate party!  Any chance to wear a pirate hat and make cardboard treasure chests is gold!  Arrrrgh!


  1. Becky here from AMACO, maker of Rub 'n Buff. Just wanted to let you know that RNB comes in 16 colors! You can see all 16 colors on our website here http://bit.ly/ThzWgu.

    Also, if you have trouble finding the colors locally, they are all available on AMAZON.com.

    Hope this helps! bfinch@amaco.com

    1. Oh my heck! Thank you Becky! I had no idea! I love Rub N Buff and have only ever seen the two colors in any craft store!
      I'm going to check out your website =0)