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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crown Zero - The Beginning

This was my very first crown.  I made it 4 years ago.  I'm currently working on my fourth - the Pink Crown.  This post was written for a challenge blog that I used to have.  I'm reposting here because I'm closing the old one down and this seems to be the only post that still gets comments.  Enjoy!
This is my Crown.  I am High Priestess of Dark Whimsy, Mistress of Delicious Mischief!  It's a wire frame with ceramic, polymer clay and glass bead accents.
Check out the purple coffee cup with a blue jewel and meandering wire steam.  The cookies and skulls are also polymer clay.
Hey that cookie has a bite out of it!  I used pearl and crystal beads from my grandmother's broken jewelry collection.  She was an artist, too.
Chocolate frosted doughnut with sprinkles!  Bonus!
The base is wrapped in strips of valour.
This was a labor of love...crazy, warped, art love!

What are you queen of?  What would your crown look like?  Use you imagination and make it fabulous!