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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Smeared and Smudged

I have found a home amidst like minded lovelies!  The folks at Smeared and Smudged (Alternative, Vintage, and Gothic Art Rubber Stamping) are making and sharing wildly fabulous art - all of it dark!  Oh, do I have a soft spot for fun dark stuff!

The piece above was part of a sketchy challenge.
Artists are invited to use the sketch as a baseline for an art piece.  My piece is a pretty literal translation of the shapes - I'm new to this kind of thing.  I layered papers and darkened the edges.  The green accents are from a holiday tissue box with a foiled finish.  The dot has a hologram effect.  I'm so happy I got to use that tissue box!  Of course I'll be making jewelry from the rest of the box.

Check out all the wonderful submissions and challenges on the Smudgy Antics Blog.

Ahh.  It's good to home.


  1. Brilliant project! Love all the different patterned papers, especially the one from the tissue box. Can't wait to see the jewelry you make from it.

  2. love what you did with the sketch...great choice of colors and balance...

  3. Yay for me I found your blog addy!! Wowzers you are so truly an amazing artist! Im so glad you joined us crazies at Smeared and Smudged!! I've signed up as a stalker of your blogie!!

    1. You're so funny, Kristy! I'm thrilled to have found you!