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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10 Things About October

My friend Mary sends out Mary Mail every so often.  I LOVE getting her emails and eat them up!  She is a creative genius!  At the end of each month, she asks us for our top 10 things about the past month.
So here is my top 10 for October:
1. It is always and forever my favorite month

2. Halloween, of course

3. I did my 1st ever 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop

4. Taking my grand niece, Lauren to her first haunted house
5. We decided to curb eating out except for anything related to Halloween - it was fabulous!
6. I got to tried new techniques like this pumpkin plate
7. I was thrilled that my daughter loved the zipper pull I made for her
8. I fleshed out, if you will, an edible zombie morsels project I've batted around for 2 years
9. I finally finished a shrine for our little Conan who we lost this year

10. Hubby made this the best Halloween ever!  He went with me to the Witches Tea and and took me all over to Halloween shops looking for treasures and seeking out decorated yards - he helped me dress up the garage as a graveyard for Halloween night!  Thank you, Hubby!  You are the best!


  1. Candance,
    You make the most coolest stuff, your clay art work inspires me all the time!

  2. So sorry you lost your pup. :( What a beautiful tribute to him!