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Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 27 - Edible Zombie Morsels

Ahh!  It's day 27! That's right, and you are hopping onto the Smeared and Smudged Forum's 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop! Yea!  I love all the wonderful projects that I'm seeing on my daily hops!  Take a bow, Wicked Bloggers!

Below are all the fabulous bloggers:

Now will come the making of the zombie candy! Muhuhuahahahhhh! No baking required, but you do need clean hands, warm pockets and fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls!
Tootsie Roll Fruit Flavors - make sure the mix includes vanilla
Tootsie Rolls take a little time and moderate strength to condition, so the first rule of Tootsie Roll Sculpting is: 
Put the wrapped candies in your pockets for at least half and hour before conditioning it.
 Rule 2:
The Tootsie Roll will pretend it doesn't want to stick to itself at first. After a moment, you won't be able to separate it!
Condition them as you would polymer clay - smooshing and rolling them in your hands until they are soft enough to shape.
For a toe, you will need 2 green, a tiny piece of white, purple and pink.
Combine the 2 green and shape into a cylinder.
Flatten and widen one end.
Roll the purple and fatten it into a circle, place it on the toe and tear the end away to make a gross toenail.
Make a button shape with the white and push it in the back of the toe.
Roll a tiny piece of the pink and lay it around the white.
You can put some pink under the toenail if you like.
For an eyeball, you will need 2 white, 1 pink and a tiny bit of blue.
Combine the 2 white pieces and roll into a ball.
Twist all but a little of the pink to make the root and then roll small strings to to make veins.
Mix a tiny bit of white and blue together to make a hazy looking iris.
For the teeth I used 1 white mixed with 1/2 a yellow for the piece of bone, yellow for the teeth and a bit of pink for the little bit of gums.

The brain bit is a blue and white combined. Make a random lump and roll the rest into a long string to wind back and forth all over the lump.
And there you have it! Zombie Morsels! Oh, and the slogan is:
Zombie Morsels
When you care enough to send the very beast


  1. awesome gift idea..fantastic art.
    susan s.

  2. i am going to try this project after the blog hop..see what my nephews think of it.
    susan s.

  3. Awesome. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I have to say that it has never entered my mind to use candy as clay. You have so many good ideas and some that are a bit twisted - I always enjoy twisted!

  5. This would be so awesome for my little cub scouts! What a great idea, love it!!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial, you are awesome!

  6. These loo awesome great idea
    Hugs xxx

  7. wow love what you made, looks awesome

  8. OMG! These are so gross and disgusting and so totally PERFECT for Halloween! I don't know if I could bite into one of these, but I know my nephews would! What a super fun, edible project! You are Truly the Queen of Halloween! Your creativity is endless :)

  9. I think you should send this idea to Tootsie Roll. Fabulous! xxD

  10. So fun and gross!! What a great idea :)

  11. This are so fun. TFS!