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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Skunk in a Punkin

It's day 10 of Smeared and Smudged Forum's 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop!  Yea! 
Below are all the fabulous bloggers:
I started a handmade Halloween photo album seven years ago. I have lots of pages, but I just never put it together. I decided to add a photo inside of a pumpkin to one of the pages. The pumpkin will open as if it were a jack-o-lantern. Just slide the top off and there's that little stinker
Decorative papers
Photo Paper Pumpkin - I used a photo of a pumpkin I made at least 1 1/2" wider than the photo Aleene's Double Stick Tacky Sheets Scissors

I started with a small photo of my grandson, a lovely grouping of decorative papers, Aleene's Double Stick Tacky Sheets and a photo of a pumpkin.
Before trimming the photo cut a piece of the Tacky Sheet as big as the untrimmed photo.
Peel off one side of the Tacky Sheet and affix it to the back of the photo.
Cut the top off the pumpkin, making sure that the width of the top is at least as wide as the photo.
Lay the top of the pumpkin on a piece of yellow paper and trace.
Cut the yellow paper and stick to the back of the pumpkin top, offset as it is in this photo.
Sandwich the photo between a sliver of the top of the pumpkin and a piece of pumpkin colored paper. Measure the width of the photo on the back of the pumpkin and add Tacky Sheet to the outside of the photo.
Here is the finished page.This is the year that I will finish this album!


  1. What a fun way to display your cute image! great job.

  2. OMGoodness - that's genius and what a gorgeous little skunk :-D xxxxx

  3. OMG, he's precious! Fab idea with the pull out like that! xxD

  4. LOL, had not idea what to expect with the blog title. Such a cute skunk and I love the idea, great job.

  5. Clever idea!! LOVE the flowers on the pumpkin!!

  6. FAbulous idea to make it interactive. Something he will cherish when he is older. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  7. Wow that is very awesome love your project, and your skunk is a cutie!

  8. You are so creative - this is the cutest idea ever to slide the photo into the pumpkin. Well, maybe not ever - we still have lots of days to go and you don't seem to be out of ideas!

  9. Great image looks lovely
    Hugs xxx

  10. wow this is so fun ans cute too

  11. This is fab! I am sure this album will be great!

  12. What a cutie and a fab card. nicely done.
    susan s.

  13. Brilliant idea for an interactive scrap page! I would never have thought to do this, but I'm definitely going to "borrow" your idea for my nephew's Halloween pages :) You give me so much inspiration!

  14. this is so stinking cute and has got to be one of the best scrap book pages I've ever seen! xx