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Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 28 - Blinged Out Witch's Hat


And here we are on day 28! Yea!  And you are hopping onto the Smeared and Smudged Forum's 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop! Yea!  I love all the wonderful projects that I'm seeing on my daily hops!  Take a bow, Wicked Bloggers!

Below are all the fabulous bloggers:

What does every witch need to shine at a Witch's Tea? A fabulous hat! I started with a cool hat I found on line after last year's Witch's Tea, for a huge discount! That was my very first Witches tea and I wore a hooded cloak, which I love, but...there was a best hat contest! Who knew! So, as I said, I started with one that was already cool and had a ball blinging it up!
A pointed hat
Hot glue
Knick knacks, doo dads and glitter glue
Here's my cool hat.I love all the black gauze and and bent over point!
You may recognize many of the bling I'm adding as Halloween projects from earlier in the October.This is the first bling - a small bat pendant with a skull bead dangle. I sewed it on to make it easy to switch out for next year's tea.
I cut 6 3" to 4" strips of tulle 36" wide and tied them in a bow.
I hot glued the bow on the back and added this bauble.It's Smeared Ink's It's About Time Pocket Watch stamp glued on the back of a glass blob. I added glitter glue to the tulle.
I glued feathers all the way around and sewed on a pendant piece and added wires that I curled up and attached dangles to.


  1. Gorgeous embellies on that fabulous hat. Love it! xxD

  2. What a great idea. This would look awesome as a centerpiece for the holiday. I love how you combined your other projects with this one. Thank you for sharing a part of you.

  3. This is the most awesomest witch's hat EVER! Love how you've added all your little charms to it, way cool!

  4. Awesome altered witch hat! I love seeing some of your previous creations being used to embellish this one. Fabulous work!

  5. Oh so fancy, you'll be the envy of them all at the Halloween ball!

  6. Love, love, love your witch's hat! The SI watch is the perfect embellishment and love the dangly thing as well!

  7. Awesome project! Absolutely amazing.

  8. Your witches hat is embellished beautifully ..u make Salem proud!

  9. This witch hat is definitely blinged out. Salem pride!

  10. Salem pride! Ur witch hat is da bomb!