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Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 26 - Zombie Candy Box

Well, here we are on day 26! That's right, and you are hopping onto the Smeared and Smudged Forum's 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop! Yea!  I love all the wonderful projects that I'm seeing on my daily hops!  Take a bow, Wicked Bloggers!

Below are all the fabulous bloggers:

Don't tell me you've never wondered what zombies taste like! Okay, they're gross, but what if they weren't? What if they tasted fruity? Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Today's project is a zombie candy box that makes a pristine space for the universe to fill with tasty...dead things. Wait! Wait! Wait! Don't run away! It will be fun! I promise!
 A small box - I used a 4 piece candy box
An image for the box top - I made a digital piece with a hand drawn cemetery background, a photo of my Gravestone ATC border from
Altered Art Supplies and die cut text frame
White card stock - to print your image on
Decorative Paper
Aleene's Tacky Glue Pen Border - I used some gold German borders Black Glitter
For the top of the box, I created an image in Photoshop with the elements you see here.
So here's where you begin - size the image to match the box size including a 2" border to fold to the inside of the box.
After gluing the image to the box, fill in the tombstones with the glue pen and sprinkle with glitter.
Allow to dry.
If you will be using the box for display only, you can add any embellishments at all, but if you want to use it for an actual box, put as little paper as you can on the inside sides of the top or the outside side of the bottom so the box will open and close easily.
Measure the paper for the bottom the same as the top.
Glue the bottom to the back side of the decorative paper.
Make cuts in the paper to miter the corners.
Add glue to the flaps and fold them to the inside of the box.
Add gold trim to fancy it up a bit. Allow the glue to dry
You'll want to have chocolate cups for the inside, so go get some chocolates and eat them!


  1. Fantastically yummy. I love the colors of the bottom paper and the composition is awesome. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Fun, fun. fun!! Who doesn't want some zombie morsels to nibble on!!

  3. What a fun and clever way to personalize a gift or treat box! Fabulous altered box! Hmmmm...why am I craving chocolate all of a sudden?

  4. Mannnn now I want chocolate! Love your projects and your tutorials!

  5. Fabulous! Looks good enough to eat! xxD

  6. mmmm chocolate... lol fab little project I would love to get some tasty zombie morsels!

  7. Really brilliant, I love the gold on edging on the sides and the graveyard scene is fabuous
    Lindsay xx